White Legal Pads for Sale

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TOPS Legal Pad notebooks offer the ultimate value of reliable everyday documents for the home or office. The classic format, which has long been preferred by lawyers and professionals, allows you to quickly access notes and lists. Smooth perforated sheets are easy to detach for a tidy and organized notebook. Proudly made in the USA. The VERTEX helmet is very comfortable, thanks to its six-point textile suspension and the CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems that ensure that the helmet rests securely on your head. The adjustable chin strap makes it ideal for working at height and on the floor. The unventilated outer shell protects against electrical hazards, molten metal splashes and flames. With its potential for integrating a Petzl headlamp, hearing protection and multiple accessories, it is a fully modular headset that meets the specific additional needs of professionals.

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