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Learfield Licensing Partners and IMG College merged into one company in 2018 and recently announced the return of CLC`s iconic brand. The name CLC is a nod to the company that founded the college licensing industry and the rich heritage of combined companies that build collegiate brands and experiences for colleges across America. To learn more, click here. « I feel like I`ve received hundreds of dollars of targeted, expert legal advice in an hour, followed by a VERY clear roadmap of what to do. THANK YOU! CLC knows that finding the right lawyer – who is also local, credible and affordable – can be difficult. We pave the fastest path to good legal representation by connecting members with shortlisted lawyers. The CLC empowers its 20 million members by promoting professional and personal wellness. We provide security to help people stay productive and spend less on legal fees and identity theft. « I felt like I was [my fraud resolution specialist`s] top priority all the time (although I`m sure she had other cases she was dealing with).

She had a constant following, was so pleasant every time we talked, and got things done. Rethinking the traditional protection model. We lead with 1-on-1 help and support everything from light needs to heavy needs. We then integrate surveillance technologies to block blind spots. CLC employs more than 90 licensing professionals who are able to develop and manage all aspects of a college`s licensing program. The CLC represents more than 150 colleges and universities, bowl games, sports conferences, the NCAA, college football playoffs and the Heisman Trophy. CLC is working diligently to streamline the operations and procedures of IMG College and Learfield home institutions. Protect, Promote, Profit CLC and the University of Texas Office of Trademarks, Trademarks and Licensing aim to positively promote the image of each UT system institution, protect their trademark rights, and generate licensing revenue. Building and maintaining positive relationships with manufacturers and retailers is integral to the overall success of any program. This relationship ensures that products bearing the university`s trademarks are of the highest quality and meet consumer demand.

CLC is an industry leader in brand management and promotion and prides itself on providing exceptional customer service to its customers and licensees. Information on CLC`s services, including a copy of an application and licence agreement, can be found on CLC`s website. CLC is the largest, strongest and most influential agency in the college licensing industry and has been at the forefront of growing college business to reach the $4.6 billion in retail revenues it represents today. Search for the (NEW) label CLC recently introduced a new hologram label « Officially Authorized Collegiate Product » (see below) with enhanced security features. The new CLC brand label replaces the separate IMGCL and LLP Collegiate Licensed Products label currently used by our licensees. The presence of a hologram sticker is the customer`s assurance that their souvenir was made by an authorized salesperson and that part of the sales directly supports their favorite school or team. Authentic and expert comparative reports that save members time, money and valuable relationships. In the fall of 2019, CLC launched a new website: www.clc.com.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, CLC helps colleges protect, develop and manage their brands through a systematic, focused and client-centric approach. CLC is the country`s leading licensing and marketing agency for collegiate brands. Brand Manager 360 Once the license is purchased, CLC provides the licensee with a username and password to access the Brand Manager 360 platform. Licensees are required to submit all designs bearing university trademarks for review and approval prior to production, and to report sales and royalties on a monthly basis. « I am very satisfied with this program. [The CLC lawyer`s recommendation] really put me at ease, answered all my questions and provided me with information I didn`t know. To restore your access to the website, please enter the following characters exactly as they appear: « This is the best program I`ve ever been offered. I have been helped so many times by momentary disruptions in my life for which I needed a professional. CLC`s mission is to be the leading collegiate brand licensing force and one of the country`s leading sports licensing companies.

Our diverse network of lawyers supports our members with transparency and effective strategies. From monitoring services to fraud prevention, our in-house team ensures members are informed and secure. We are sorry, but your access to the website has been temporarily disabled. Server resources for Acronym Finder are limited and we cannot grant unrestricted access to the database to all users. As such, CLC strives to be a centre of excellence for providing the highest quality licensing services to its member institutions, licensees, retailers and consumers. Ask? General information: licensing@clc.com applications: applications@clc.com; apply.clc.com/ Insurance: insurance@clc.com Royalty reports: royalties@clc.com Extensions: renewals@clc.com Access to holographic sticker and logo: support@jpattonondemand.com; login.jpattonondemand.com/.

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