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Subjects: Constitutional law, Federalism, Separation of powers, Rule of law, Constitutional classification, Constitutional systems, Constitutional primacy, Parliamentary supremacy, Nigerian constitutional development Every society has a framework of laws and principles on which it develops. International society thus establishes various rules according to which sovereign States and other subjects of international law can develop in order to achieve their interests. A similar situation exists in Nigeria, where their legal system prescribes various laws governing industrial relations within their jurisdiction. As a sovereign State, Nigeria remains subject to international law, with accidental international responsibility for any violation thereof. Although their legal system allows for the application of international treaties in their district courts under certain restrictions, the law on the status of customary international law appears to be silent. This document argues that customary international law is part of the Nigerian legal system and, where appropriate, should be applied to maintain peaceful coexistence among all interests represented in Nigerian society. This course is designed to introduce you to the Nigerian legal system, which is an important part of your overall studies. The course is designed to equip you with a solid foundation of legal knowledge and enable you to cope with the legal needs of a pluralistic society facing rapid political, social, economic and cultural development. Policymakers or lawyers may be faced with the need for legal research for reasons. Members of Congress may consider passing new laws to address the challenges of their constituents or in the interest of the nation.

Lawyers may need to serve their clients who want to know the legal issues involved, strategies for dealing with their loss and recovery, and the prospect of winning the case if the dispute has escalated. Lawyers may practice in sole proprietorships or work as associate lawyers in law firms. In some cases, senior counsel or partner wants to take advantage of junior staff about potential clients` problems or complaints. Since he has to focus their attention on other issues, such as expanding his firm`s business or more lucrative businesses that require career hands, he can call on the junior lawyer for legal research, who could help him base his final legal opinion. The memorandum, expert opinion and letter would be such forms of professional communication for lawyers and legal researchers. The member of Congress may also be supplemented by the assistance of staff in terms of legal expertise and understanding of the issues that warrant a more effective exercise of his responsibilities. For legal lawyers and scholars, the structure of the state and federal legal systems is the kind of important variants to guide their work orientation and basic framework for the most effective and appropriate scope of research and analysis. The paradigm shift is also revolutionary in influencing people`s general base. Decades ago, research or researcher referred only to the class of professionals such as professors, lawyers, career agents, and business leaders. They would appreciate the isolation and use their research as a barrier to entry for laymen. Their large shelves at home, in the bedroom or in the corner of the office give the impression that he is educated and competent. This implicitly communicates his prestige for social or professional success.

Books and articles seem to symbolize a kind of monopoly that excludes unclassified or non-professional workers. The change is remarkable that every citizen could benefit from online sources of information, which of course applies to expertise in general. Now, professors fear plagiarism as students are often the kind of suspects. Legal research would revolve around the help of digitization, which is revolutionizing to create a new way of doing research. Through the demand, citizens and people can easily verify their truth or falsehood with a click in the personal computer. There is currently a huge amount of information circulating on the Internet and online reference sources, shaping an informative and informed society. As doctors warned decades ago, the commandment is most effective: « Abstain from your intelligence or knowledge for your health. » Many of them now spend many hours a day satisfying their curiosity and intelligent research. He or she can earn a college degree if he or she recognizes their hard work on his or her PC. Nevertheless, this information age does not always bring positive progress that raises the kind of problems, such as the right to privacy, online fraud.

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