New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Raffle Report of Operations

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Q: I want to have a delicate tablet. Do I need to apply for a licence? A: Yes, a delicate tablet is a game of chance and is considered a local raffle. Special Door Prize Draw – a draw for one or more door prizes of donated goods, the total value of which may not exceed $50, for which no additional cost will be charged, at a gathering where no other games of chance are held, operated or conducted and the net proceeds of which will be used for an authorized purpose. Q: I received a license number for a date for a game of chance and did not hold the game. Do I need to do anything? A: Yes, whenever a game does not take place on a licensed date, a corresponding report must be submitted to the LGCCC. Q: The application process seems to take a long time. I want to raise money quickly for an event we are organizing. Are there other games that don`t require a license? A: No, if it is not a game specifically authorized by the Legalized Gambling Control Commission, it would probably be considered illegal gambling. However, there are other ways to raise funds, such as bake sales, car washes, lollipop sales, etc. Goods, goods and merchandise – prices, equipment, chairs and tables, as well as items of a minor nature such as pencils, pencils, notes, envelopes, paper clips and vouchers necessary to conduct the game. Q: How long does it take to get a license? A: It usually takes about five weeks to get a permit.

However, this can take more than five weeks, depending on when the county council meeting takes place. It is advisable to submit all lottery and bingo applications at least eight (8) weeks prior to the draw date. Q: I got my draw (or bingo). Have I completed the whole process? A: No, you must submit the relevant operational report to the LGCCC. If you have entered a prize draw, you must complete the Raffles Operation Report. For bingo, you need to complete the bingo operations report. The LGCCC must send you the form directly. However, if not, you can obtain the form from the LGCCCC website or from the West Long Branch City Clerk. PROHIBITED PRICES: The prices of real estate, bonds, stocks, securities, weapons, live animals, personal or professional services, alcoholic beverages, foreign or domestic coins, motor vehicle rentals or other reimbursable goods in any of the above categories or in cash or cash are strictly prohibited! Cash or cash prizes cannot be offered or awarded, except in the following cases: a random draw in which the prize(s) is equal to 50% of the amount received for all tickets or participation rights. Q: Where can I get copies of the Bingo License Application and Raffles License Application? A: You can obtain the forms on the website of the Legalized Gaming Control Commission in The website also contains sample raffle tickets, raffle operations report, bingo operations report, and relevant laws and regulations.

You must submit the operating report no later than the 15th calendar day immediately following the month in which the licensed activity was conducted, operated or carried out. The form can be obtained from the City Clerk of the West Long branch. Even if you apply for a license and the game/sweepstakes does not take place, a report must still be submitted to the LGCCC. Each report submitted must contain: All publicity for a prize draw, whether written or oral, must contain at least the following information: Bingo – a particular game of chance played for prizes with cards bearing numbers or other designations five or more on a line; the holder of limit numbers, since items with the same number are taken from a container; and the game is won by the first person to cover a predetermined arrangement of numbers on that card by selling tickets or rights to participate in those games. Bingo Equipment Supplier – any person authorized by the Control Commission to provide equipment for use in or in connection with the conduct, operation or performance of bingo games. The Legalized Gambling Control Commission (LGCCC) oversees the operation of games organized under the Bingo and Raffle Licensing Act by educational organizations registered to conduct legalized gambling. Monmouth University is a registered organization and can apply for licenses to operate games of chance (raffles, draws, bingo, etc.). According to state rules and regulations, the university must adhere to the procedures followed by the LGCCC listed below.

Bingo event – a single meeting or session where a series of consecutive bingo games are played, which cannot exceed 35. External Contest – a random draw conducted through a draw for one or more merchandising prizes where tickets can be sold prior to the draw event and the winner(s) do not need to be present to win. Q: How many copies of the permit application do I need to submit to the municipality? A: Each application must be submitted four times and notarized with the original signatures on each application. If you have an off-site draw, two sample tickets must also be attached to the application submitted to the municipality. Each applicant must also bring the original certificate of registration from the Legalised Gambling Control Commission at Monmouth University. An application will not be accepted without presenting the original CCMA registration certificate to the municipality. Each applicant must retain a copy of the entire application submitted for Monmouth University records.

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