Motor Legal Protection Explained

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It may seem obvious, but this coverage is designed to cover the costs of legal action due to a car accident. Usually, you can`t use it to cover any kind of legal fees, although some specific insurers may offer it. When you compare auto insurance quotes, you`ll almost certainly come across a section asking if you want to add auto legal protection. Please download and read the product information document and policy wording for a full description of all benefits and protections before purchasing. Depending on how you look at it, motor vehicle legal protection might be the most useful of auto insurance additions – the ace in your back pocket. Motor vehicle legal protection is insurance that covers legal costs that may not be covered after a car accident. Your comprehensive auto insurance may cover some of your legal expenses, but may not cover all. This is where motor vehicle legal protection insurance could help. Without legal protection when it comes to motor vehicles, you would have to do it yourself, perhaps even initiate your own legal proceedings if there was a dispute over the claim with the insurers of the other party. Even if you were to claim personal injury compensation without motor vehicle legal protection, a lawyer would help you without profit or costs, but their terms would usually mean that you would lose 25% of your compensation to the lawyers in fees. Motor vehicle legal protection usually covers you up to £100,000 in costs – and some insurers offer much more. If you need your legal protection, all you usually have to do is call your insurer and talk to them about how to access the protection you have.

Auto legal protection is a by-product or supplemental of insurance – it offers additional benefits that are not usually included in your standard car insurance policy. This coverage may be added to your auto insurance at the time of purchase or renewal of your policy, or as a separate stand-alone policy from an independent provider such as us. Before you decide whether it`s worth adding auto legal protection to your auto insurance, it`s probably worth checking if you have legal protection elsewhere: As with most insurance products, there are some things that auto legal protection doesn`t cover you for. While motor vehicle legal protection covers you when a judge decides costs should be covered, most cases never go that far. Many policies also give you access to a legal helpline that you can use at any time. Motor vehicle legal protection covers your legal costs, so you can pay a lawyer to sue a third party on your behalf. If you do, it`s worth checking the coverage terms, as you may not be able to use it for engine-specific legal fees. In addition, these inclusive policies are usually not as comprehensive as additional coverage. What is the difference between statutory income protection and general income protection? The difference lies simply in the payment of each type of insurance. Legal protection can cover your legal fees and related costs if you have to go to court after an accident or collision, regardless of who is suing whom in court.

Strictly speaking, you don`t need legal protection – because it`s not a requirement of the law. This can include the cost of your policy deductible, loss of income, damage to personal belongings, or even bodily injury to you or your passengers. As an insurance policy, this coverage offers a cost-effective way to minimize the costs and inconvenience that a car accident can cause. You can also call it Auto Legal Protection Insurance or Auto Legal Aid, but we like to call it Auto Legal Protection – find out why below. The panel lawyer is regulated by the Law Society, which, in addition to the high service standards you expect from Direct Line, ensures that you receive professional legal service. Most legal protection insurance only works to repair your uninsured damage. We like to call our Auto Legal Protection coverage because we do more to keep you on the road – in the event of an accident that wasn`t your fault, we`ll give you a replacement vehicle comparable to yours until your car is back on the road, all at no extra cost.

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